Our Security Suite for SAP – your key to intelligent authorization management

Security Suite for SAP

We combine four project and operational tools into one clearly structured suite: To actively support your system security through intelligent authorization management.

NEW: the FIRE FIGHTER – Our emergency tool enables easy cross-module fault analysis and troubleshooting, including comprehensive and audit-proof logging.

Q-SEC for smarter Authorization Management


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Why QUANTO-SEC? – Your benefits

  • Compliance-compliant rights and roles approach
  • Early identification and resolution of risks
  • Clear documentation of roles and access
  • Smooth system operation
  • Profitability in projects

These are all key IT security requirements. With QUANTO-SEC, the suite for intelligent authorisation management in SAP, we help our customers to meet all these requirements:


The central concern is the protection of your system and your company data. With QUANTO-SEC, we preventively ensure that authorizations and user profiles are always up to date and that legal requirements as well as internal guidelines are adhered to. In an emergency, we enable fast, reliable intervention.


A well-designed authorization policy is essential – but not enough. Authorizations change over time, just like your organisational structure. The concept must therefore be regularly adapted and obsolete rights, roles, user profiles and assignments removed. QUANTO-SEC offers a wide range of options for mass maintenance and clean-up.


In order to establish security in a sustainable way, it is necessary to be able to view accesses, rights, roles and user profiles at any time, to analyse dependencies and assignments and to derive potential risks. QUANTO-SEC provides this transparency in authorization management and documents all activities in an audit-proof manner.


Thanks to QUANTO-SEC, many authorization management tasks can be significantly accelerated and efficiently handled in the background: for smooth operation, simplified testing, a delay-free go-live or a fast rollout of updated rights and roles.

QUANTO-SEC Security Suite for SAP

4 components for increased system safety and productivity – before, during and after the project

QUANTO-SEC/SoD ​(Segregation of Duty)

Intelligent mapping of roles and permissions against compliance and governance requirements – based on multiple SoD matrices.

QUANTO-SEC/TGL​ (Trusted GoLive)

Supporting the development and implementation of new SAP authorisation concepts through various analysis functionalities.


Reliable mass cleansing of roles and authorisations in the SAP system and clear, audit-proof documentation that goes far beyond the SAP standard.

(Fire Fighter)

Create a reference user on the production system with full – but limited – permissions for easy troubleshooting.

Security Suite components in detail

Risik analysis


QUANTO-SEC/SoD performs a comprehensive analysis of authorization risks in just a few steps and can therefore be used as an equivalent to a GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) tool.

Users no longer have to rely on manual analysis of various transactions. Authorization risks can be easily viewed with just a few clicks. This service is complemented by a best-practice risk matrix, which provides an accurate view of different risk levels during the assessment.

Best Practice Risk Matrix

  • Analysis on Atoms = Analysis on permission objects, fields and field values.
  • SoD analysis = analysis of known permission conflicts
  • Narrow down analysis to individual risk types
  • Possible at user or role level

Go Live without disruption

  • Efficiently test rights and roles in the background
  • Risk-free removal of transactions
  • Save on licensing costs
  • Permanent analysis of user permissions
  • Fall-back user manages missing permissions

Trusted Go Live Method


The module supports the development, implementation and testing of new or revised SAP authorisation concepts. Project duration can be reduced by up to 80%.

QUANTO-SEC/TGL enables the analysis of different role types and user profiles and their dependencies as well as the mass maintenance of roles and organisational elements (assignments, adjustments, extensions).

Clean Up


Once critical permissions have been purged or a new permissions policy has been implemented, Clean Up enables the secure and convenient mass deletion of roles and users that are no longer required.

Roles that are to be deleted can also be downloaded as individual files in an audit-proof manner and are available as an upload for later checks. This provides a transparent view of ‘old’ roles.

Stay Clean

Secure mass roll erasure::

  • Directly on the systems
  • Create deletion transports

Download of individual roles:

  • Mass download of individual roles into individual files

Emergency user for intervention in the production system

  • Approval according to the four-eyes principle
  • Tracking of all activities during the execution of the Fire Fighter
  • Possibility of interruption and withdrawal of the Fire Fighter by third parties
  • Audit-proof logging of usage

React quickly and prevent damage


The Fire Fighter is the emergency tool of our Security Suite for SAP.

A reference user in the production system with extensive rights for a limited period of time. In an emergency, this enables straightforward error analysis and correction, including logging.

New features: QUANTO-SEC Release 4.0

The QUANTO-SEC Security Suite is constantly being in development. The current release 4.0 adds additional functions to the existing scope of services – for significant advantages in the project and more efficiency in operation.

In addition to improvements and new functionalities, the current QUANTO-SEC Release 4.0 now also offers the FIRE FIGHTER, an operating tool that supports you in your daily work.

Mass derivation from roles

  • Automatic derivation of large numbers of roles possible

Time saving


Mass maintenance of org. elements

  • Simplified and more intuitive user guidanceg
  • Ability to update a greater number of roles

Time saving


Aggregation of the Data

Reduced memory requirements

Significantly more users thanks to intelligent compression

Capacity expansion

SU24 Mass maintenance

  • No manual transaction adjustment necessary
  • Import of best practice values possible

Time saving


Analysis of collection user roles and collection profiles

  • Evaluation of the entire role structure beyond the standard


Fast reporting

Neben Verbesserungen und neuen Funktionalitäten bietet das aktuelle QUANTO-SEC Release 4.0 nun mit dem Fire Fighter auch ein Betriebstool, das Sie bei Ihrer täglichen Arbeit unterstützt.

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