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Transliteration Services for Your Business Success

QUANTO Transliteration Center (QTC) enables transliteration (romanization) of master data like contact information and tax/bank data of international business partners like customers, and vendors in Asian, Russian and Arabic scripts, and vice versa.

Transliteration refers to converting text (business data) from a script (e.g. Chinese, Japanese scripts) to another into a target language (Latin scripts), and vice versa.

Benefits & Features of Transliteration Services

Transliteration services and their technical integration guarantee data integrity, increase efficiency, ensure respectful/correct correspondence, and prevent loss of opportunities.

Centralized & Easy Script Conversion

Convert master data between Asian, Russian or Arabic scripts and Roman/ Latin characters and vice versa effortlessly.

Compliance with Local Regulations

Correctly localized legal information of partners and companies is the foundation of successfully doing business on a global scale.

Platform-independent RESTful API

Integration via API through SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite, and any other non-SAP platform.

Transliteration for Non-Developers

Export the data from your system, send it to QUANTO Solutions via e-mail, and reimport the transliterated data into your database.

Central Transliteration Management With Our REST-API for SAP systems

Our REST-API (Application Programming Interface) for SAP systems is intuitive and easy to use. We operate according to the latest OpenAPI 3.0 standard to ensure that your business information is up-to-date and secure, and the performance is fast and efficient.

Our Transliteration Services Fit YOUR Needs

Whether you require one-off services, project-based, or permanently, QUANTO Solutions is here for you! Simply enter your data into the API and get the correct transliteration within milliseconds. If you’re ever not 100% satisfied with our services, we’re here to resolve the issue instantly.

We Value Privacy – Your Data is Safe with Us!

QUANTO Solutions fully complies with the strict EU GDPR data security regulations. You can, but are not required to, store your data in your business database in the SAP Extension Suite or SAP Integration Suite for future use.

ISO Compliance & Data Security

QUANTO Transliteration Center (QTC) ensures compliance with the strict ISO norms and EU data protection. We fulfill all your transliteration requirements efficiently, safely, and in line with the legal regulations.

ISO 27001

The QUANTO Solutions’ transliteration services meet the ISO standards for Information Security Management.

ISO 27034

The ISO standards for Application Security are fulfilled by QUANTO Solutions’ transliteration services.

ISO 12207

The QUANTO Solutions’ transliteration services fulfill the ISO standards for Software Lifecycle Processes.

Functional Correctness

The QUANTO Solutions’ transliteration services have been tested with real-life business scenarios.

EU Data Privacy

The strict GDPR regulations of the EU for data privacy apply to QUANTO Solutions’ transliteration services.

Encrypted Communication

The QUANTO Solutions’ transliteration services employ encryption to secure all communication channels.

Your Resources for Transliteration

Are you keen to find out more and clarify some basic questions around this key topic for doing international business successfully? QUANTO Solutions has more information for you!


Find out the background and technical specifications of transliteration, transcription, romanization, and the provided features.

Sequence Diagram

This sequence diagram shows the technical procedures between SAP and the respective web services (HTTP responses).

Terms of Usage

The general terms of the QTC describe the applicability, usage rights, data security, warranties, responsibilities & obligations, limitations, and more.

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