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Business Consulting und SAP Knowhow für Banken und Finanzdienstleister
Business Consulting und Technical Consulting müssen im Banking Hand in Hand gehen, um Kunden optimale Antworten zu liefern.
Chinese Localization
Using Chinese Localization for Global Business Success Chinese localization for the booming market in the Middle […]
SAP translation
SAP TRANSLATION: How To Successfully Roll Out Your ERP Software Globally in 39+ Languages   Organizations dealing […]
Translation Memory
The Relevance of Translation Memory for Internationalization Let’s take a deep dive into the topic of […]
Machine Translation Software
Machine Translation Software Using Machine translation software is a powerful way to internationalize content and communications […]
SAP Master Data Organizing
SAP Master Data Management SAP Master Data Management and Governance bears many advantages. Companies doing business […]
Global Sanctions List Check
Global business: Check sanctions lists & avoid potential fines Checking of sanctions lists is essential when […]
SAP Business Partner
SAP Business Partner – Transliteration of Master Data SAP Business Partner is smart master data maintenance […]
Herausforderungen bei der Globalisierung und Internationalisierung -Transliteration - QUANTO Solutions
Globalization and Internationalization Challenges: Transliteration When dealing with globalization and internationalization, companies have to take into […]